What Does a School Counselor Do?

As the School Counselor, my job is to advocate for students and help them find ways to be successful in a school setting.  An important part of my job is to serve as a link between students, teachers, and parents.  I work with parents, teachers, and administrators to find ways to help students with emotional, behavioral, social, or academic problems.

Individual Counseling

I am available to meet with students individually to discuss problems they might be having. Parents may also refer students for individual counseling.

Small Group Counseling
Different support groups may be formed based on the needs of students.  Students will develop relationships and skills through conversation, games, and a support system of peers.  

Classroom Lessons
I will rotate through the different grades, teaching lessons on social skills and character traits

Coffee with the Counselor
Once a month, I meet with this parent discussion group. We discuss topics relevant to parenting and child development.  It's a great opportunity for parents to share and learn from one another.