Does the teacher only speaks Spanish in the classroom?
Yes. Almost all the time the target language it is used while teaching. We teach using games, songs, role-plays, lots of interpersonal activities are done in class. So, it is very important that your child always look and listen to the teacher in order to demonstrate understanding.

Does the teacher uses translation during the lesson?
No. Research has shown that students will learn more effectively a target language when it is taught using phrases in conjunction with gestures, props and other visuals. All of these combined helps comprehension and communication.

How can I help my child at home if I do not speak the language?

At this level the process of learning it is based in comprehensible input. It is very important to listen to the language. Like infants, we learn by looking and listening to our parents then demonstrating comprehension.
We encourage the parents to talk with your children about the class. Every week a 'sharing paper' will be sent out and post it in the teacher's website son students can practice and share.

Is homework given to the students in this class?

Not usually. All work is done during our class time. For some activities, students may be asked to complete information or share their folder or work at home and then bring it back.