Classroom Instruction & Programming

Our students work on many skills throughout the day.  Instruction and programming are tailored to the needs of each student and their IEP goals and objectives.  Throughout the day, students get the chance to work within individual, small group and whole group instruction.  Discrete trial is designed for each student to work on his or her individual goals and objectives per their IEP.  Small and whole group learning times are used to help students generalize skills they may be working on within a group environment as well as social skills and working along side their peers. 

Curriculum is based on the Eden Curriculum as well as the West Windsor Plainsboro curriculum, when applicable.  Some instructional programs that may be used in the classroom include Reading Milestones, Edmark, Touch Math, and Handwriting Without Tears.  Teacher made activities and work will also be used in the classroom.  Students will get the opportunity to foster independence and classroom learning behaviors through class routines including self care and independent work.  Some independent work activities may include file folders, books, hands on activities and worksheets. 

 Self-care is worked on throughout the day as the students follow their arrival and dismissal routines, snack time routine, bathroom routine, dressing, hand washing, implementation of their individual schedules and caring for their personal belongings. 

Social communication is also reinforced throughout the day while we work and play to generalize skills worked on during therapy sessions into the classroom environment.  Students get the opportunity to participate in structured play and social skills including greetings, turn taking, playing games, following directions, and conversational skills as well as sensory and movement activities.  Our speech therapist will also conduct integrated therapies in the classroom through a once a week large group activity.