Library Games and Videos

Order in the Library:  Do you know how to put books away in the right spot?

Order Me Around (grades 1-3):  Putting words in ABC order

Order Me Around 2
(grades 2-4): Putting harder words in ABC order

Parts of a Book:  Matching and concentration games

Shelver:  Can you put fiction/nonfiction books in the right shelf order?


Can You Teach My Alligator Library Manners?

Mr. Wiggles' Book:  Learning to treat books with kindness

Picture Book Organization:  How are books in the E for Everybody section organized?

The Shelf Elf:  Taking Care of Library Shelves

Sammy the Shelf Marker: How to Use a Shelf Marker

What Happened to Marion's Book?: Marion learns and important lesson about how to take good care of her books.


My Father's Dragon Book Trailer:   Video trailer for one of Mrs. Brooks' favorite books

Poem in Your Pocket song by Emily Arrow