General Information

General Information

I welcome the opportunity to share with you the basic components of the elementary guidance program.  I feel strongly that counseling at this level should be a positive experience for all children.  The counseling program at Wicoff focuses on lessons, groups, meeting with individual children and character education.

Enhancing all children's self-concept is an integral part of the program.  I believe that children who feel good about themselves will perform better academically.  When children are capable of communicating in a positive manner and can solve problems and make decisions, they feel competent.  At Wicoff, children have the opportunity to share their ideas, attitudes and beliefs with other children and therefore, have the opportunity to develop their self-esteem.  They not only learn about themselves, but develop an understanding of children who are different. In our district we are fortunate to have a multi-cultural community that enhances every child's opportunity to grow, to learn and to respect other people.

As a school family, all of us work together to provide a positive atmosphere that is conducive to each child's social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth.  We encourage open lines of communication at all times, and we would appreciate being informed of anything that may affect your child's abilty to perform in school.  Children come to us with different attributes and needs, and it is up to all of us to work together to meet each individual challenge.

I encourage you to become part of our school family.  Please feel free to contact me at any time!

Ellen Incollingo
716-5450 x5457
[email protected]

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