Lice Information

Lice Information

Lice outbreaks commonly increase when children come together in social groups.  Now that the children are back in school and other community activities, it is time for you to periodically check your child’s head for lice.  This is the best preventative measure to curtail lice infestation.

•    When checking:

It helps to use a magnifying glass and natural daylight.  Divide the hair in sections and fasten off the portion of hair that is not being examined at the time.  Closely examine hair nearer the scalp.  Lice may be hard to locate, so look for small, grayish-white or yellowish-white eggs (nits) attached to the hair.  These nits can sometimes be mistaken for dandruff, but they cannot be easily brushed or blown away.

 •    If lice or nits are found:

      -    Contact your physician for a recommended treatment.  Treatment instructions should be strictly followed.

      -    Examine all family members daily for at least two weeks.

      -    Notify school nurse immediately (This information will remain confidential).  Inspection of classmates and friends will help to prevent further spread of lice.

      -    Notify close personal contacts.

Because lice outbreaks are common among school children and even the cleanest child can easily become infested, parents are encouraged to make checking for head lice a part of routine hygiene.  A cooperative effort between home and school will enhance efforts to control the spread of head lice in our community.


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